1. Science and technology in mining and processing of mineral raw material
1 Oil and gas engineering: exploration, production and processing
2 Chemistry and technology of polymer composite materials
3 Chemical technology of inorganic substances, silicate materials and metallurgy
2. Current development problems of technics and technologies  
1 Agro-industrial complex and agribusiness
2 Food engineering in the context of food security in Kazakhstan
3 Modern technologies in light and textile industries
4 Mechanics, engineering, transport and logistics
5 Architecture and construction: technologies and materials
6 Renewable energy and energy saving technologies
3. Computer and information technologies 
1 Theoretical and applied research in the field of physical and mathematical sciences
2 Software Engineering
3 IT- technologies  and  production automation
4. Life sciences and health
1 Breakthrough scientific advances in biotechnology and bioengineering
2 Ecology and problems of environmental protection
3 Technology of pharmaceutical production and medicines
4 Industrial safety and sanitary prevention
5 Physical culture and sports are the basis of a healthy lifestyle
6 Development of inclusive education: research in the field of psychology, defectology and deaf-and-dumb pedagogy
5. Týǵan jer. Seven Facets of the Great Steppe: the legacy and origins of the spiritual modernization of society
1 Kazakhstan in a new reality: time for action
2 Independent Kazakhstan: past, present and future
3 Legal state: 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
4 Development of the legal framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan
5 Commonality of history and culture, language and literature
6 Topical issues of education, philosophy and linguistics
6. The development of science and education in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
1 Global pandemic as a factor of influence on research
2 Globalization of the education system in the context of a pandemic
3 Economic transformation in a period of global isolation
4 COVID-19 as a new impetus for digitalization of the country
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